Chipin’s telematics solution increases the road safety in the Netherlands!

Chipin is a provider of technology that can measure driving behavior, for vehicles up to 3500 kg, for a very competitive price. Our OBD devices are “plug&play” and can be self-installed by the driver.  They give you on-line feedback about driving behavior, location/journeys and status of the vehicle. It provides you with more control over your fleet. Chipin’s algorithms are capable of accurately scoring a driver’s driving behavior: safer driving will result in less accidents, less damage, better fuel efficiency and total fleet improvement.

Chipin in an overview

How does it work?

We measure the driving behavior and the technical status of the vehicle by using a patented OBD device, the Chipin. This dongle can be easily installed under the car’s dashboard. The data that are measured by the Chipin are stored and analyzed in a data warehouse, and are made available on-line. The fleet manager can, by looking at his personalized dashboard, improve the performance of his fleet. The driver also gets, by looking at his dashboard, information about his driving style, journeys and vehicle. He can use this feedback to improve his driving style. The privacy aspect is taken into account in this process.

Our Chipin reduces the installation to ‘Plug & Play’

Chipin uses OBD devices of Novatel, an innovative and recognized player in the telematics industry in the US, with sales of more than 1 million devices per year. The Chipin is easy to install and can be updated by a wireless connection.


On April 29th  Chipin launched the beta version of fairzekering in the Dutch insurance market to show that we offer proven technology. The first customers and a testpanel are driving with our technology today. This innovative and fair insurance proposition can be easily applied to current car insurance products and fleets. Together we can improve the road safety!

In 2014 fairzekering won the Accenture innovation Award and got the chance to open the dutch stock exchange. Click here to see the opening.

Fairzekering also took home the Generali AM innovation award and the Financial markerting award



The dashboard gives you all the relevant information

A personalized multilingual dashboard for your fleet manager and drivers ensures that all the measured data is quickly available online. For you to keep an eye on the fleet and for your drivers to improve their driving behavior. Besides these online dashboard, there are countless reporting options available.

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Hans Gerritsen

Hans Gerritsen


Hans is educated in business administration and is at Chipin, apart from being CEO, also responsible for Finance. He aspires to introduce the concept of prevention and dynamic pricing to the Dutch market to give consumers a fair price and insurers a better risk assessment.

Raymond van Es

Raymond van Es

Marketing & Sales

Raymond is trained in aeronautical technology. He has more than 16 years of experience in the insurance industry in the fields of Marketing, Sales and Business Development. His passion is to use technology to improve the customer experience.

Andreas van Rooijen

Andreas van Rooijen

Underwriting & Legal

Andreas is a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in various positions in the insurance industry. At Chipin he is responsible for underwriting, legal and compliance.

Marcel Koster

Marcel Koster

Operations & IT

Marcel is trained as an IT expert and has moved to operations after finishing his business degree. At Chipin he is responsible for operations and IT.